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About Grande Oakbridge School

Grande Oakbridge Montessori School is a private Christian child care and educational center that caters for the learning and developmental needs of kids from ages 3 months to 10 years. Mrs. Hannah Royeke Obalade established it in the year 2005. The school dully registered with the Ministry of Education of Lagos State Government was born out of a divine vision to provide holistic Christian tuition, which emphasizes a balanced combination of Intellectual knowledge and sound moral ethos. The School concentrates on the middle class end of the market; double-income professional parents. These personally ambitious parents are typically eager in terms of their children’s care and academic development and are willing to pay a premium fee to have their children attend a quality school. 

Through quality care and innovative learning programs, Grande Oakbridge School is already blazing the trail as an outstanding school in terms of child development. The curriculum, which is coupled with a blend of British and Nigerian Curriculum, a low teacher-student ratio, and personalized teaching, ensures a top shelf service for the children and the parents. Grande Oakbridge School places a premium on academic excellence and the development of social skills as the school believes strongly in raising sound-minded pupils for global impact. The proprietary school sector is growing and receiving huge boost in spite of the challenges in the economy and the resultant effect in the purchasing power. Young families are ready to invest a good portion of their income in the education of their kids in order to give them the best.

Our Events our events offer opportunities for Pupils, parents, and the community to come together, learn, and have a great time together. Join us in celebrating the joy of learning.
Board Of Directors Our Board of Directors play a vital role in guiding our institution, they Comprise of dedicated individuals from diverse backgrounds, they oversee school policies, budgeting, and ensure a safe, nurturing environment towards the development of Grande Oakbridge Montessori School. Their commitment to excellence is unwavering.
Bus Services At Grande oakbridge Montessori school the safety of our pupils is our top priority. Our buses are equipped with the latest safety features and are maintained regularly to meet the highest safety standards. Sports Our sports program covers alot of activities,Football, basketball, tennis, track and field, and more. Pupils have the chance to explore different acitivites and discover their talents and interests. Teachers Our educators embrace modern teaching techniques to make learning engaging and interactive. They understand that every child is unique in different way of learning. They therefore employ different learning styles that works for them. We employ dedicated and passionate educators that believe the future success of every child comes from their developmental stage of life.

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Our Values

Our four values are the MARK of our school and lie at the heart of all that we do

Moral Intergrity

– We demonstrate a desire to do the right thing.
– We act in private as we do in public.
– We have the courage to say.
– We stand firm for what is right.
– We challenge things we think wrong.
– We are accountable for failure as well as success & do not allocate blame.
– We can be relied upon to do what is right.
– We demonstrate and promote honesty.


– We achieve our goals by consistently working towards them.
– We go above and beyond the call of duty.
– We aim for the best in ‘me and them’ and take pride in all we do.
– We seek help and support before giving up and identity lessons in setbacks.
– We encourage all to develop maximum potential and support other to achieve.
– We embrace opportunities, challenge and seek to develop our skills and talents.
– We identity opportunities for School Development.


– We do what we say we will.
– We are punctual and prompt in all that we do.
– We use our resources responsibly, developing and caring for our environment.
– We act before being asked and consistently deliver on expectation. – We prepare thoroughly for all tasks.<
– We encourage autonomy in all and seek leadership.
– We acknowledge and seek to resolve problems.
– We pioneer better ways of doing things.


– We are open and approachable to all.
– We welcome and listen to the opinions of others.
– We look to engage and involve all in the community.
– We attend to newcomers and those needing help and build relationships actively.
– We are positive in responding to questions.
– We support each other and stand up for fellow colleagues and pupils.
– We are accountable for failure as well as success & do not allocate blame.
– We acknowledge individual needs within the community.

Board of Directors

Deacon Yinka Obalade


Mrs Hannah R. Obalade

Executive Director

Mrs Grace Otinwa


Mrs Yemisi Disu


Rev. Samson Adedokun


Mr Layi Babatunde


Mrs funmi olukogbon


Mr. Taiwo Yusuf

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